SmartTray X1
Hands-free tablet viewing for optimum passenger experience
SmartTray X2
Safe, low cost solution for using PED’s gate-to-gate
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Premium Class X4
Economy Class X1
SmartTray X4
Elegant solution for holding passenger or carrier owned PEDs

Economy Class X2
Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ:  ATRO), a leading supplier of products to the global aerospace, defense, electronics and semiconductor industries, announced on April 7, 2015, that it has entered into an agreement with SmartTray® International, LLC to exclusively market, sell,and manufacture SmartTray's new passenger device-friendly aircraft tray table solutions that facilitate hands-free use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) including smartphones. The tray tables offer air travelers superior ergonomics, better space management, and improved comfort and convenience over conventional tray tables. To learn more, please email:
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