Stephen Schlacter (CMO - SmartTray International, Inc.) introduces Mary Kirby (Airline Passenger Experience - Editor-in-Chief) to their new innovative IFE tablet / smartphone support. Video taken during the APEX 2012 EXPO in Long Beach, CA USA
A Cool Airline Tray Table You Wish You'd Invented

It's a common problem. You're squeezed into a tight economy-class seat trying to eat a snack while working on your iPad or other personal electronic device.
New "smart tray" for airline travelers with tablets
Seasoned travelers say it gets frustrating when there’s no room fo anything else on your tray but your tablet.
Clear Channel Airports and SmartTrayCo-Pilot In-Flight Tray Makeover.... Airlines Tap a New Revenue Stream with Digital Place-Based Media at 35,000 Feet
Thanks to Clear Channel Airports, one of the most unchanged elements of the in-flight experience is about to get a makeover: the seat-back tray.
This New Airline Seat-Back Tray Could Change Flying Forever
New airline tray table designs that could rock your in-flight world
Airline tray tables may someday watch what you're watching
AVIOINTERIORS exhibited SmartTray® X1 tray tables in their economy and new premium economy class seats at AIX 2016 Expo in Hamburg, Germany, April 5-7, 2016. Aviointeriors has been producing aircraft cabin interiors and passenger seats for over 40 years, designing, certifying, manufacturing and delivering high-quality products to leading airlines and premium operators and the worlds aircraft manufacturers:
United Airlines
First airline in North America to offer SmartTray® integrated tablet holder in its premium class cabin.
First airline in Central America to offer SmartTray® in economy class.
Princes Cruises Rail
First rail line in North America to offer SmartTray®.
What do you do when first at your seat on the train? - Luke Upton