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SmartTray® is the world’s leading integrator of premier line tray tables with patented personal electronic device management features, providing complete tray table solutions for every major automaker worldwide.

SmartTray® designs and produces tray table structures, mechanisms, and PED management features that integrate flawlessly.  SmartTray® tables offer superior ergonomics, enhanced interior management, and improved comfort and convenience over conventional tray tables.

Our single-source automotive tray table design, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly ensure optimal efficiency, performance and quality. SmartTray’s global process core components coupled with superior design and manufacturing processes save time and money, reduce risk and support successful, on time product launches.
SmartTray®     Hands-free smart phone and tablet viewing for optimum passenger experience
SmartTray® X1 and X4 Patented Tray Table
Patented X4 Retractable Premier Line PED Feature
Patented X1 Static Groove - Slit for tablets & smartphones

Our patented X1 static groove technology integrates a simple, yet value minded approach to PED management to the surface of our stylish tray table designs.  The X1 Static Groove can be integrated on either our back mounted or collapsible tray table lines.
SmartTray®     Hands-free smart phone and tablet viewing for optimum passenger experience
SmartTray® holds the most awarded patents on tray table PED management in the industry.  Our X4 Retractable Premier Line features the patented rotation PED feature that seamlessly deploys and retracts into the tray table.  Utilizing the same innovative technology used on our SmartTray® Aerospace applications, the X4 Retractable Premier Line provides the most adjustable and innovative PED management available today.

SmartTray® designs and manufactures a wide array of patented tray table solutions for virtually any interior cabin application.  Available in back mounted single trays, back mounted bi-fold trays, and collapsible console trays, SmartTray® can design and integrate a unique tray table solution for any automotive interior environment.

Intelligent tray tables and PED holders that transform the passenger experience